The Importance of Having a competent Concierge Physician

If there’s one thing most cyclists can agree on, it’s that sooner or later, no matter how cautious you are, if you’re a competitive athlete you’re going to have some sort of injury.

That may come in the form of a bicycle accident or a training injury ranging from strained muscles to joint issues, but either way you need to have an action plan prepared for how to deal with the potential problem when and if it should arise.

Why Personalized Medicine Makes Sense for Athletes

cycling accidents and injuriesIn my view, one of the best insurance policies you can have isn’t just your standard medical insurance that will let you go to the ER, but a policy that comes in the form of a medical membership.

It’s known as concierge medicine, and the basic philosophy is that you can have a doctor you know and trust available to you on short notice.

That means that you will have access to on demand medical services with a doctor you’ve actually met before, rather than whoever happens to be on call at the time of your incidentr, making you better prepared for the outcomes in the event of an accident or injury.

For SF Bay Area Residents

sf cyclingIf you live in the SF Bay Area, I personally can recommend n1Health, a San Francisco personalized medicine practice with multiple offices across the city and East Bay, as well as in a half dozen other cities across the country.

In my experience, the service is a lot better than having to go see a doctor you’ve never met or even heard of prior to your incident, and taking the time to build the relationship with your physician in advance can even help you to identify potential issues before they and possible prevent those future injuries, reducing your down time from the sport and making you an overall better athlete.

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