Cross Training for Cyclists: Should You Weight Train?

cycling wiehgt trainingIf you’re a serious cyclist preparing for a race and are looking for ways to improve your time, one thing you might consider is to add in a variety of different types of workouts into your training schedule.

This variation is known as cross training, and can go a long way towards improving your endurance and your speed. If you’re thinking about diversifying your workouts, a major issue is whether you should cross train with purely aerobic exercises, like mixing in running and swimming practice into your cycling routines, or if you should include weight training workouts as well.

Here are a few things to consider.

Start Early

If you’re on the final stretch before a big race, it’s probably best not to make any major changes in your routine.

Incorporating weight training into your endurance cycling routine is something that should be done early on in your training, but after you already have a strong cycling base.

That’s because lifting weights can actually negatively impact your endurance in the short run, and is something that needs to be gradually build up to.

Just like you wouldn’t try to race a 100k your first week on the bike, you should go all-in for weight-lifting right out of the gate. Take your time, and gradually build it in to your normal workout routine.

You might want to work with these exercises to start with, courtesy of, and gradually build from there.

Consider Nutrition and Supplementation

If you do decide to include a weight training plan into your workout schedule, you might also consider looking a incorporating nutritional supplements into your diet as well.

That’s because post-workout nutrition for weight training is very different than endurance aerobic workouts like cycling, and your normal diet might not be enough to get you all of the fuel you really need. You can read more about weight training supplementation stacks from Crossfit Supplements Guide.

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